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Search Results 0 to 49 of about 936 (some duplicates have been removed) >>> one woman stands between extreme conservatism and women's reproductive health rights in north carolina. she happens to be the governor, and she is in the middle of a political fight of her life, as we speak. it's a story to be heard, and it's coming up. >>> in some ways, we are all essentially toddlers. no matter how old we get, we like doing things we are god at, and we like figuring out if others are good at things too. short answer is pretty easy to determine. the summer olympics in london begin one year from today, and if you are great, not just good, but great at your sport, you get a medal. simple. but in politics, that can be a more difficult question to answer. how do you define success, how do you know, for example, if a speaker of the house has been successful? one measure of it would be personal ambition, promotion to the next level, but history has not been kind to the ambitions of speakers of the house. few have managed to ascend from this job. for as long as there's been a united states congress, there has been a speaker of the house, and in all that time, all 220 years,
's reproductive health rights in north carolina. she happens to be the governor, and she is in the middle of a political fight of her life, as we speak. it's a story to be heard, and it's coming up. introducing the schwab mobile app. it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates. and execute trades anywhere and anytime the inspiration hits you. even deposit checks right from your phone. just take a picture, hit deposit and you're done. open an account today and put schwab mobile to work for you. ♪ i like your messy hair ♪ i like the clothes you wear ♪ i like the way you sing ♪ and when you dance with me ♪ you always make me smile [ male announcer ] we believe you're at your best when you can relax and be yourself. and at thousands of newly refreshed holiday inn hotels, you always can. holiday inn. stay you. and now stay rewarded with vacation pay. stay two weekend nights and get a $75
25th, 1991, in raleigh, north carolina. and greg taylor was spiralling down a destructive path. a husband and devoted father with a steady job, he was fighting a losing battle with crack cocaine. >> i think there's two days that kind of summit up, which was the day before i was arrested i went to a pta meeting at my daughter's school. and then the next night i went out partying. >> actually i met greg in high school, dated through college and then got married. >> becky taylor says their marriage was on the rocks. >> i tried to break up with him like every three months, and then he would get better. and then we would go through that cycle for years. >> that night the addiction would get the better of him. he was watching a ball game with friends. >> when that baseball game went into extra innings, something clicked. i could go get a couple of rocks and that was all it took. >> as the game went into extra innings, greg hit the street in pursuit of his next fix. he found a local dealer, johnny beck. >> greg picked me up. we hung out all night buying drugs. and stopping to get beer
arrested accused of selling the homemade liquor around the north carolina county area where they live and investigators found $150,000 in cash in the spartanberg house and this is more. they didn't try to hide it or anything like that. they're very responsive us to and cooperative. they understand that their hobbies come to an end now. when you're caught, you're caught, right? moonshine is considered a tradition in some parts of north carolina. >>> one maryland up to is getting into the holiday spirit early. we taking it to the form weekend parade and there that is there. we're going to show you more of it as fox 5 news at 11 continues. hey, tucker. >>> will, a hot one today. temperatures in the mid-90s. what willsome sunday have in store? the details are on the forecast and a look at the form as l. coming -- 4th of july as well.  >> all right, welcome back. guess what, we had a hot one and you probably guy that. the high temperature at reagan national was 95 degrees and 93 at dulles and bwi marshal. the average temperature is hanging out in the upper 80s and the its are above normal
regional jet atlantic southeast flight headed to raleigh, durham, north carolina. neither plane ended up going anywhere last night. passengers aboard two planes got quite a jolt thursday evening when their jets collided on the tarmac. >> it looked awfully close. it just clipped it. the tip of the wing just sheered right off. >> reporter: the larger jet, a delta boeing 767, bound for amsterdam, was preparing to take off when it struck a commuter jet, slicing through its tail and alarming passengers. >> the whole plane jostled. so we rocked side to side. >> a really big shock. >> reporter: the commuter jet heading to north carolina suffered major damage to the tail and horizontal stabilizer and the collision came for a rude awakening for one of its passengers. >> i was half asleep. the next thing you know there was a bang. we all wondered what happened. the pilot came on and said we were clipped by the plane behind us. >> did he hit you with the tail with his wing? >> absly, he did. >> reporter: a similar accident happened in april when a large air fans a-380 hit the tail of a much smaller
in north carolina. i'm thinking to myself, there must be a place on this planet where i can simply be fully human. and be judged based on the content of my character. the heights to which i would like to go and i am able to go intellectually and spiritually i need to find that place. i cannot be stuck in that context every day. like oh, you're a duke. you received this scholarship. probably never get this job with this firm. i'm thinking to myself, how about i just rewrite the book. i'm going to go somewhere where i have to restart. there is nobody offering me anything other than -- tavis: why this place? why china? >> it does seem like a paradox. tavis: yeah, it does. >> in my mind, i looked at china, i felt that bold sense, the sense that the chinese in every way were saying look, we are who we are. we are not going to take this euro centric view of the world. we just won't do it. that intrigued me on top of the fact that it was just so far away and it seemed to be at that point in 2001, 2002, moving towards this watershed moment which i think has now reached. tavis: how did your dad feel
write it or more over, could never read it. you come heever here from north carolina, never -- over here from north carolina, never took a class. i've seen you interact. you speak rather fluently. how did you learn that? >> intuitively. the gram ar is subliminal. sense of tone and that [speaking chinese] >> if you speak chinese or approach the language with an arrogance that i hear it, i can repeat it. you will speak horrible chinese. you will see chinese people cringe. on the other hand, if you truly listen, listen to the way a mimic might, at first, ultimately the tones become something that is living and you can really follow it and the language becomes for standard. i'm told when i talk on the phone or talk to people or i'm on tv, i speak a pretty standard form of chinese that sounds something approaching the beijing die little bit. [speaking chinese] tavis: tell me about how the television show got started. how you got the idea to do that. answer the question for me in mandarin and then tell me what you were just saying. how did the show get started? >> [speaking chinese] so what i
with a french twist. and how about last night in north carolina? [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. >> more concerns being raised tonight over the future of the metro dulles rail project. >> members of the board of supervisors are questioning the transportation secretary's fervent plan for it. it would be required to build a metro station on route 20. federal loans would be available for the project but fairfax officials argue the county is already taking on too much of the financial responsibility. >> be prepared for delays if you plan to travel on the beltway near tyson's corner overnight. c
by a shark. this happened tuesday evening at the outer banks in north carolina. the girl was swimming in only a foot and a half of water when she was bitten on the lower portion of her right leg and foot. the girl's parents were 10 feet away from her. >> that is so frightening. >> you would think that you were safe. >> the water is getting so warm. we are in the hottest time of the year and it feels like it. it is not so much the heat and the daytime it is the heat at night. especially the older folks and the very young folks, we do not get a chance to cool down. your body does not get a chance to cool down. that is why this heat that we are under is so dangerous and will be into saturday. outside right now 11:00 86 degrees. it is the heat and the humidity. the last time -- i think this may happen in the next couple of days. it was back in 2001. look at the high temperatures today. we were up to the high 90's. 100 degrees in raleigh, north carolina. these are the current temperatures. it feels like it is still 100 degrees. in washington, it feels like it is 95 degrees. look at the extent of h
tonight at 11:00. >>> john edwards will face a trial in october. in north carolina federal judge tentatively set an october trial date. last month, the former u.s. senator pleaded not guilty to six felony charges. he has already been indicted by a north carolina grand jury. >>> still ahead foreclosures on the downturn. find out why it has nothing to do with it struggling homeowners. >> when a popular book store may be days away from its final chapter. >> i will be thinking about my brother. >> a year after the 9/11 attacks. they get a look at a symbol of americans resilience in the days after the attacks. >> if you have friends out at the beaches, it is going to be a great weekend. >>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> experts tell us that is not necessarily a sign that the economy is picking up. >> foreclosures plunge 29%. however, part of the reason for that, banks are falling behind on repossessing homes. one in 11 u.s. household piled foreclosures. >> summer retail sales got some help from the automotive industry. consumers spend their money on cars in jap
thunderstorms down to the south. charlottesville down the richmond and the virginia/north carolina border and quite a bit in way of rain there. out in the tropics, all eyes are out here towards the western part of the atlantic. this is still not a tropical storm, but likely will become a tropical storm tomorrow and if it does, it will take on the name emily. we willch wa it carefully. and meanwhile back here at home in the next 48 hours, here is a look at the future cast. the showers are fading away down on the virginia and north carolina border and get you started dry and mostly clear in town at 8:30 in the morning. as we go to the middle of the afternoon tomorrow, we may bubble up one or two showers south of washington and as we get into monday night, another chance for isolated shower or two, but no widespread soaking rains anywhere in the forecast. so when you get the sunday morning started clear skies and mild and wake-up temperatures in the 70s and cooler spots into the 60s, and tomorrow, we will call it a mostly sunny day and a touch cooler once again with the risk of a few showers
of water. it happened on ocracoke island, a very popular spot along north carolina's outer banks. abc's steve osunsami reports in from north carolina. >> reporter: the young girl, swimming with her father in just a foot and a half of water was riding on a boogie board when the shark struck, seriously wounding her leg. >> the mother yelled t tt a child had been apparently bit by what appeared to be a shark. >> reporter: the 6-year-old suffered wounds to her calf and foot. they were severe enough that emergency personnel air lifted her to a trauma hospital nearly two hours away. she made it there alive. if authorities confirm this is a shark attack, it will be the 13th in the u.s. so far this year. none of them have been fatal, but in 2010, there were two deaths in 36 attacks. earlier this month, carolyn cartwright's daughter was bitten by a shark on another beach in north carolina. >> her leg was just wide open and it was just -- a lot of wood. >> reporter: cassidy survived her encounter, which also happened in shallow water. an attack in water only a foot and a half deep seems unusual
it tv friendly, we'll focus on four states up on the map, north carolina, illinois, california, and florida, as we know, we lay it out, republicans have a 24-seat advantage right now and the question is what will their advantage be after redistricting is done. david wasserman, let me start with what's going on in north carolina. this is a state where republicans are dominating the process. >> absolutely. and, you know, republicans like to accuse democrats of chicago-style politics in illinois, and we'll get to that in a second. but in north carolina they're taking a machete, not just a knife, to the current map and reorganizing the political maps to their advantage. we see this from time to time when republicans gain a new majority or when democrats gain a new majority, they reorganize the map. after 2010, there are only six white conservative democrats remaining in the house. >> and how many of them are in north carolina? >> and three of them are in north carolina. and all three of them could be drawn out of their districts in 2012. so -- >> remind me of this, there's a democr
. the north carolina teen who went missing in maryland. the f.b.i. is now looking into whether the 16-year-old was the victim of sexual exploitation or child porn before she was killed. investigators are seeking access to her facebook and e- mail accounts. barnes disappeared last december while visiting her sister in baltimore. she was found five months later in the susquehanna river. >>> a new trial date for redskin albert haynesworth. august 23, that's when haynesworth will go on trial for the misdemeanor sexual assault charges. he's accused of putting his credit card into a waitress' bra and fondling her at the hotel bar in february. he denies the charges. the case carries a maximum six months in jail and $1,000 fine. >>> turning to the economy now, more talks on raising the debt ceiling today. president obama calling negotiators back to the white house one more time. at the talks yesterday, the president reportedly offered to raise the medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67. also discussion of moving to actuarial tables. sources tell fox there was no agreement because it was part of a
of tennessee, western portions of north carolina, and southern west virginia. so that's where that is. we talked about the heat advisory. yes, there's a heat advisory that goes into effect at noon today. lasts until 8:00 p.m. all the counties you see there including washington, d.c. this is because with the heat in the upper 90s, the air temperature and humidity, it's going to feel like it's between 100 and 105 degrees during the day today. currently 78 degrees at reagan national. relative humidity 81%. so very uncomfortable out. winds out of the southwest now at 7 miles an hour. planner for today hazy, hot and humid. can't rule out a stray thunderstorm or two during the afternoon and evening hours. look for a high today of around 99 degrees. a brutal day out there, folks, so take the necessary precautions. there you go. >> sunscreen, hat, anything you can think of. >> drink plenty of water. >> lightweight clothing. >> that's right. that's what i'm doing. >> thank you, tony. >>> a traffic alert in clarksburg. a small part of the commute still is impacted by a major gas leak. it started ye
. i went everywhere that i could find. >> where were you born? north carolina. >> where? >> not too far away from my grandmother -- my grandmother's tobacco farm. and then i spent my summers with my granny. >> what part of the state? >> greensboro, with the huge tobacco farm. grandmother lived in atlanta, and she knew margaret mitchell. who wrote "gone with the wind." i would go to the opera with her, and i would go over to granny's house, and i'll be able to do all the things i wanted to do. >> but you went to school in iowa. >> this is right. at the university? >> there was a parsons college that was there. i was not interested in school, but i went, and then i got married and moved to new york city. and started working in broadcasting. i work in broadcasting and marketing for several years. one day, a client of mine --and then i was going to russia. i had one and contest. and they gave me a camera and i took it to russia. >> what kind of camera -- >> this is the most simple camera you have ever seen in your life. it was called a pantex k-1000. this just cost 20 bucks and this too
organization in durham, north carolina. she has been a civil rights lawyer and has been deeply involved in the voting rights and in redistricting. she will speak on a topic of enormous interest. as i said, the population growth has been among minorities, but it is not yet clear that growth will be reflected in seats. she will give us an overview of how that is playing out in a number of state and how quickly we have or will be moving into the courts on the process. then we will turn to michael mcdonald who is a nonresident senior fellow here at brookings , associate prof. of political science at george mason university. he is someone who has been a consultant to redistricting authorities, including the arizona redistricting commission who has launched through brookings and a.i. as well as the public matching -- mapping project, entellus the efforts to increase public participation and transparency in this entire process. then we will end with my colleague norman ornstein, a resident scholar who everyone knows. appropriately, he will tell us after hearing from our other three colleagues,
in prison cuts the risk of death in half for black men. researchers at the university of north carolina chapel hill looked at the records of 100,000 men held at some point in north carolina prisons over a decade. being in prison seemed to reduce blackman's risk of drug or alcohol related deaths. fatalities related to cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, suicide, and murder were also lower. white men on the other hand were more likely to die in prison, but there was no difference in the death rate for black and white men behind bars. >>> some of the nation's most sensitive military secrets pillford by spies who broke into government computers. secret information about american satellites, plans for new military fighter jet gone. david martin on the computer hacking at the hands of hostile government. >> the fighter is the pentagon's high priced ticket to air superiority for the 21st century. except four months ago, the designs for that and other sophisticated weapons were stolen from defense industry computers by hackers. 24 ,000 files in all. >> designs of satellite, uav, the unm
showed mercy during today's sentencing. >>> and a 6-year-old girl attacked by a shark off the north carolina coast and why she said all is forgiven. >>> we have a little bit of a break in the humidity department today. temperatures were still up there though. we can't ditch this july heat but it is feeling more comfortable. but for how much longer? i'll have your five-day forecast when the news edge at 6:00 returns.  >>> the trial of warren jeffs off to a shaky start. more than 100 members of the texas jury pool say they cannot presume he is innocent. he is accused of sexual assault on a child. investigators rated his church compound back in '08 and removed more than 400 children. >>> a mother from georgia will not be going to jail in the jay walking death of her 4-year-old son. a judge ruled rachel nelson to a year's probation in the death of her son. she was convicted of second- degree vehicular homicide. after the judge sentenced her, she was given a chance to lear her name by offering her a new trial. her lawyers said they will consider the judge's offer. >>> a
call for a very lucky girl in north carolina. >> coming up, what she and her family said after the girl was attacked by a shark. >>> all right. also ahead this morning, guys, it's time to fess up. we are going to tell you about a new survey and what it says that you care about in your relationship. we will explain. you watching "good morning maryland." hershey's bliss. one square inch of indulgence... joy... pleasure. one square inch of extra smooth, rich chocolate. hershey's bliss. what once took huge computers can now be stored on a single flash drive. yep, 4 gigs, just $5.99. will wonders never cease? [ male announcer ] staples has amazing back to school deals, like flash drives for $5.99. that was easy. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> a 6-year-old girl and her family are telling their story about their encounter with shark that happened on the coast of north carolina. the girl was bitten last week in the waters standing a few feet away from her mother. but this morning, she is back home. lucy had two shark bites but today the girl says she foregives the shark. >> she said he di
carolina chapel hill looked at the records of 1000 men held at some points in north carolina prisons over a decade. being in prison seemed to reduce black men's risk of drug or alcohol-related deaths. fatalities related to cancer. diabetes. cardiovascular disease. suicide. even murder. they are all lower. white men were more likely to die if prison but no difference in the death rate for black and white men behind bars. >> after a series of near collisions it finally happened. two planes ran into each other on the tarmac. hear from the people on board. >>> well, the speed limit is the speed limit and in case you forget she's there for every commuter to remind you. and the one woman speed enforcement crew that is greating south bay drivers. >>> the wait is over. and for these fans it couldn't come soon enough. some of the first people in the bay area to see the final harry potter movie. >>> 40. last summer was one of the coolest summers in 40 years and this summer we are making a run for it. the day this weekend that will pan out to be the coolest as eyewitness news continues on the cw. th
boarding in water a foot and a half deep off north carolina's coast last week. she was attacked by a shark. it ripped into her calf and foot and tendon was torn but no major nerve damage. >> it bit my leg. it felt like stayed there. >> we love the north carolina coast. as soon as lucy is ready to go, we'll be back there. >> definitely. yeah. we can't stay away from the beach. >> her parents explained that the shark made a mistake so lucy says she will forgive the shark and doctors say that she is expected to make a full recovery. >>> congressman david wu of oregon announced his resignation today. he has been under pressure in the house to step down because of a sex scandal. the 7-term democrat is accused of making unwanted sexual advances last fall toward a fundraiser's 18-year-old daughter. in a statement released by his office, wu said he cannot serve in congress while fighting the serious allegations. >>> a burning man bummer why fans of the famous festival could be disappointed this year. >> and maybe it's better not hit snooze. how a bad night's sleep could be messing with your mind c
the north carolina teen who went missing in maryland she disappeared last december visiting her cyst inner baltimore herbed -- sister in baltimore, her body found in the river, they are looking at whether she was a victim of sexual exploitation or child porn before she is killed. investigators are seeking access to her facebook account. >>> 57-year-old brian david mitchell sentenced to two consecutive life tenses for kid -- sentences for kidnapping elizabeth smart when she was 14. >>> long time girlfriend of excrime boss james whitey bulger appeared in court for a bail hearing she is charged with harbouring a fugitive and faces up to five years in prison if convicted, they have asked he be released on home confinement. bulger pleaded not guilty to a string of crime that is kept him on the run for 16 years. >>> it was an epic win, coming up the hometown hero, who came up big to help the u.s. advance in the women's world cup. >>> pretty gut ski move, marine invite as movie star to a military ball her response coming up. >>> plus hot, humid you thought today was bad, wait your extended foreca
day to invite you to the marine corps ball on november 18th in north carolina. >> his bowl invitation was seen by 800,000 people on youtube but not by the actress. -- his bold invitation was seen by a hundred thousand people. >> do it for your country. >> justin timberlake played matchmaker. >> i will work on this for you. i will work on this for you. he invited you to the ball. >> when is the ball? >> in november. >> i will go. >> she is promoting her latest film and she can look forward to a trip to north carolina. she is swapping the movies for the mess hall. >> we're going to make this happen. >> her people have already been in touch with his people. this is officially a date. >> that shows that persistence really does pay off. that brings us to the end of the day's broadcast. you can get constant updates on our website. check out our facebook page. thank you very much for watching. have a good night. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and un
to the marine corps ball in greenville, north carolina, with yours truly. cruxes bold invitation was seen by 800,000 people on you could, but not by the actress herself. >> what? what's the marine corps posted a video invited you to go to the ball. >> do it for your country. >> what? >> a fellow bought chat show guest played matchmaker. >> you know it, man. i am going to work on this for you. he invited you to the marine corps ball. >> when is it? >> in november. >> november what? >> i do not know. >> i will go. >> she is promoting her latest film with timber lake and now looks forward to a trip to north carolina, slopping the movies for the mess hall. she promised sgt moore she will not stand him up. >> we're going to make this happen, sir. " true showbiz style, people have already been in touch with his people. it is officially a day. bbc news. >> i think that is an extreme form of online dating. that brings us to the end of the broadcast. remember, you can get constant updates on our website at a to see what we're working on, make sure to check out our facebook page, facebook ... but/bbcworld
of north carolina fired their head coach. they are investigating nine major violations in north carolina in the football program. the school has supported the coach during the investigation. i was with him on monday. he told me that he had support from all of the front office people but tonight, he is gone. let's give the props to santana of the angels. he had a no-hitter today. >>> can you give this to -- can you give this to a way that will make us like it? >> how about october? we asked folks would rather have a heat wave or a snowstorm? 59% would rather have a snowstorm. what i'm going to do is we will ask the same question in january. >> there you go. thank you for joining us. see you tomorrow night. so, what are we going to do with this? i don't know. the usual? [ blower whirring ] sometimes it pays to switch things up. my - what, my hair? no. car insurance. i switched to progressive and th gave me discounts for the time i spent with my old company. saved a bunch. that's a reason to switch. big savings -- it's a good look for you. [ blower whirring ] [blower stops] the sa
. satellite and radar sows showers popping up across the north carolina-virginia border. those storms will remain well to the south of us overnight. we do have some storms in the extended outlook plus more hot weather. i will tell you how hot it will get and when we expect a break in just a few minutes. >>> an estimated 80,000 people packed into fedex field to watch some of the biggest soccer stars on the planet face each other. we're live in landover with more on the excitement. how is it? >> almost two hours after manchester defeated barcelona this is what we're looking at. this is fedex field. the 80,000 people are still streaming out. they are so happy the worldwide soccer got this thing you. on saturday night the tailgating does not mark the redskins game. it is the other football. ♪ the attraction is the matchup of manchester united and sc porcelain. >> visa the two biggest teams in the world. it is a match of the big final. >> they are the l.a. lakers of europe. that is why it is exciting. >> they pulled in more than 80,000 fans on a hot night in landover. >> to see these two
that is going to spoil 4th of july plans in much of north carolina and virginia tonight. it is clipping western maryland tonight. it could bring in a stray shower this evening. most of us stay dry for most of the night. tuesday here we go. another round through virginia and north carolina as the boundary should stay just south of us. it is wednesday afternoon where it looks like we bring in another chance for showers and storms. we have to keep in the chance for a few showers or storms this evening. i think most of us dry. decent fireworks across most of the state including downtown. 90 tomorrow. mostly sunny. a little less humid through the day. i think the dry air will make it move into the state. we get muggier again and then looking at it on your seven day forecast just about what you always expect on that first full week of july in maryland. you know it is going to be hot, humid, temps up around 90 and really no big changes in sight. this is the part of summer where things tend to stay about the same. each day is a little different on the humidity. >>> you are already into crabs today. how
want to take a moment out of my day just like you from north carolina. take a second, think about it. get back to me. >> sergeant scott moore posted this youtube video asking the friends with benefits star to accompany him to the marine corps ball. it went viral. she heard about it from her co- star justin timber like lake and she said yes. >> -- timberlake and she said yes. >> is there really a video? >> yes. >> you have to
's not the exception -- that's no exception tonight because north carolina has been getting good rain and down through the deep south. i think eventually that will change. the greatest chance for the rain will come up here and it's the way it's looking now, maybe a little part of the weekend is affected. wasn't thinking that yesterday, but now it looks like we'll probably have showers lingering into saturday morning. 78 here in town, gaithersburg and frederick not fairly represented. the readings didn't come. in frederick is down in the lower 70s, manassas 72 degrees. you can see where the rain has been, big thunderstorms moving through richmond today. they have plenty of rain and down through eastern sections of north carolina and out towards the cape. all of this is basically there's a bit of a weak frontal boundary in here, kind of washed out. most of the rain was along that front which basically included up to national this morning. they picked up less than .1- inch. that moved out and it ended up south of us. we do have that little washed out frontal boundary, but south of us is where all the rea
to invite you to the marine corps ball in greenville, north carolina with yours truly. >> his bowl invitation was seen by 8 and a thousand people on youtube but not by the actress herself. >> there is a video online. >> what? >> justin timberlake played matchmaker. >> i will work on this for you. i will work on this for you. he invited you to the ball. >> when is it? >> in november. >> i will go. >> she is promoting her latest film and she can look forward to a trip to northern carolina. -- north carolina. she promised the sergeant that she will not stand him up. >> where people have already been in touch with his people. it is a date. -- heard people -- her people have already been in touch with his people. a reminder of the main news. indian officials have blamed terrorists for three explosions during an evening rush hour in mumbai which killed 21 people and injured dozens more. the u.n. security council has condemned the attacks in the strongest terms. there is of course much more on the story on the bbc news website. from us in london and singapore, the can also a friend us on
is the culmination of a day-long crime spree in north carolina. >> a utility truck of some kind. >> and the frightening ending is all caught in the eye of the sky of local nbc station wcnc-36. >> ooh. >> hit speeds upwards of 90 miles an hour with this truck and trailer and lawnmower. >> april 9th, 2008, a landscaping crew in huntersville, north carolina, is in a municipal pickup truck when suddenly a trio of armed criminals steal it. >> the suspect and his two friends approach him with a handgun and demanded the town vehicle. >> one the maintenance workers flagged down a police car, and a chase ensues. >> you have citizens out on the road and then when you have people that drive crazy trying to get away from the police it just creates a dangerous situation. >> they're putting innocent people in a lot of danger by the way they're driving and especially the fact that they've got a trailer with a very heavy piece of equipment on the back. >> the heavy trailer makes it difficult to maneuver through traffic, but somehow no one gets hit. >> they're split in traffic and just fortunate
. and according to nbc's luke russert, republican congressman mick muvaney of north carolina who also plans to vote no exited boehner's office and headed straight to a small chapel in the capitol, telling reporters he was going to pray for his leadership. now, republican congressman steve southerland of florida also told reporters he was a no. and when asked if anything could change his mind, he said, quote, if the lord takes me home right now. so as speaker boehner struggles at this hour to get his members in line to pass his bill, the other chamber of congress, the u.s. senate, is standing by waiting to vote that bill down. a spokesman from democratic senate majority leader harry reid tweeting late night, quote, the senate stands ready to defeat the boehner plan, whenever house republicans can get their act together. let's go now to the capitol and to nbc correspondent luke russert for the latest. hi, luke. >> hi, melissa. and a wonderful introduction telling everybody what occurred. since 6:00 we have been in a holding pattern here, and that's really because at this moment, speaker boehn
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